Part #3 The Best Bike Trails in Australia’s Capital Cities, according to the Ezriderz team

What are the best bike trails in Oz?

In our last 2 articles on the best bike trails in Oz we have travelled through Sydney's beautiful Centennial Park, along the foreshore in the Bayside suburbs in Brisbane and now to our last 3 top cities, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. Home to 1.27 million people and some of Australia’s top cycling routes.

Adelaide Hills:  This trail was created by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which offers an amazing view of Mount Lofty Ranges. The cycle challenge is very popular with cyclists because it will take you through some of the best scenery that Adelaide offers.

Barker’s Hill Conservation Park: Great views of Mount Lofty Ranges, as well as Mount Barker, Hallewatha National Park and many more national parks. Take in the beauty of nature in style.

River Torrens Linear Park Trail: Perfect biking trails for those who are urban metro dwellers.  The River Torrens Linear Park Trail runs straight from the city through to Mount Lofty Ranges to the coastal suburb of Henley Beach. The most popular section runs along Elder Park. Start at any point and create a brilliant day out. This is an epic 30km ride.


Hobart is an amazing place to visit in Australia with it's beautiful scenery and great weather. There are many fantastic routes for biking in the city.

Intercity cycleway: Close to the Derwent River, take in the sights of Hobart, from the Cenotaph the cycleway follows the Derwent River upstream.  Pass under the Tasman Bridge and cycle through the Botanical Gardens.  Take a picnic, grab a coffee, live up the sights of beautiful Hobart. 

The Mount Wellington Track: This track has various levels of difficulty, so it can be fun for beginners or more experienced riders who want to go on an adventure.  Challenge yourself a little and do the harder trail, use the motor on your ebike to nail it.

Rivulet Park: A short, easy 2.7 km track that follows the Ribulet upstream from the city to Kunanyi / Mount Wellington. The trail has a gentle uphills gradient that is well suited to cycling.  Think about joiningh this up with the Intercity Cycleway. 


Darwin is a beautiful city, and it has some best biking routes in Australia. Here is our top 3.

Tiwi Coastal Drive: This trail takes you through coastal mangroves and beaches, past saltwater lagoons and through an Aboriginal settlement. It’s a great way to get close to nature and see some of the oldest living trees on the planet.

The Top End: For those looking for an adventure, this trail can be completed on foot or mountain bike. But beware, there are steep climbs and rough terrain! If this is too much, take in one of the 26 other rides that feature in Darwin.  Getting out and about is super easy in the north end.

Nightcliff Foreshores: This trail offers all types of scenery, from coastal views to spectacular sunsets over the night cliff foreshore.  This is Darwin's vibrancy at its peak.  Taking it in on your electronic bike will make it super enjoyable during the wet season, actually any season.

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