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Inspired by Hot summer days in Byron Bay, Ezriderz was born out of our sister business Sunshine Cycles during the summer of 2016. The traffic was bustling, there were no car parks, beautiful people are strolling and checking out the cafés and restaurants, backpackers and holidaymakers were enjoying themselves, people sunning on the beach. This beautiful scene is also chaos.
We promote and believe in fun times, sustainability and the future all rolled into one fat wheeled bike. Our bikes make it easy to get around but also feel super cool, retro and bring technology and green power together.
Whilst sustainability and the environment are at our core values, we realise we can always strive to do better, we are working towards being a negative carbon company, that is not our only goal, but it is one of our driving goals.
It is time to change it up, eliminate your carbon footprint, costs and bring some more fun back into your life!!! It’s time to get an Ezriderz.

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