How long does it take for my battery to charge?

4 hours for a full recharge. Can do 75% in 1.5 hours but prefers full charge to look after cells long term so don't always fast charge.
The battery can be topped up when ever it's used. Cells are good for at least 800 cycles effectively giving you up to 40,000km range.

What do I use to keep my chain in good order?

Use a silicone or dry lubricant for bike chains so sand and mud wont stick to the chain. If using spray lubricants ensure you dont spray the brake disks as this will contaminate the brake pads and make the brakes squeal and lose efficiency.

How do I tighten my brakes?

The brakes can be adjusted by the allen key on the back of the callipers. smaller adjustments can be made at the brake handle by twisting the nut that the cable attaches to the handle by.

What are the best bike locks for my bike?

We recommend ulocks or high quality chain locks to keep bikes safe. Also we recommend removing the battery if left outside so you can charge safety in garage and stop thieves stealing the expensive cells.

How do I clean my e bike?

Light pressure hose all over and try not to get the electrics under the seat on Sledz or battery compartment on Z too wet. Dry off in sun or towel. If bikes used in salty sea environment wash down soon after each ride and get salt spray off components. some water dispersant can be used to drive out water from moving parts. be sure never to spray brakes or disks as this voids their effectiveness.