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How can ride an e-bike?
Everyone over the age of 16 can ride an ebike. Note children under the age of 16 can ride an ebike if under the supervision of a parent but not on a public road. If unsure check with your local authority as road rules do differ in various states and territories in Australia.
The beauty of ebikes is that men and women of all ages can enjoy the freedom that they bring.
What is an ebike?

An ebike or electric bike is a bicycle that incorporates an electric motor to assist propelling the bike, and a battery to power this motor.

How long does it take for my battery to charge? 
4 hours for a full recharge. Can do 75% in 1.5 hours but prefers full charge to look after cells long term so don't always fast charge.
What is the passengers weight limit?
The weight limit for passengers is 160kg, and the vehicle can accommodate two adults.
Max Speed EU:25km/h; North America:32km/h 
Can I unlock my bikes motor power or speed? 
Yes, you can unlock your bike's motor to increase its power or speed. However, it's important to be aware that doing so may make your bike illegal for use on public roads, as exceeding 25km/h is not permitted in all states.
Travel Distance 40km by throttle, 80km by PAS 
Are E-Bikes legal to ride on the road? And do I need a licence or registration to ride an E-Bike? 
The laws around the use of electric bicycles may vary in each State or Territory. Please check with relevant State Government and local council laws and regulations before using an electric bicycle or scooter on public roads and footpaths. In most states, you typically do not need a license or registration to ride an E-Bike.
What comes in my box? Easy home assembly. 
In every Ezriderz electric bike, you'll discover all the essentials to kickstart your journey, such as your Bike Headlight, a Basic Tool Kit, a Standard AU Charger, an Instructional Manual with links to helpful videos. * As a bonus, we offer a video tutorial on how to assemble your Ezriderz e-bike to simplify the process for you.
Where can i see the bikes? 
We are open by appointment. Our showroom is located at Unit 3, 74 Centennial Circuit in Byron Bay's Industrial Estate.
What does pedal assist mean?

Pedal assist means the electrical assistance you receive when you pedal and the motor kicks in. Most ebikes will have varying levels of pedal assistance, usual levels 0-5 (0, meaning no assistance and level 5 meaning maximum assistance).

How fast do e-bikes go?

In Australia the max road legal speed is 25km/h (15.5m/h.) For off-road ebikes the top speeds can exceed this but can only be ridden on private roads.

How long does a battery last?

Depending on the quality of the battery you should get 600-800 charge cycles. This should give you 3-5 years of life with regular riding. The range of the ebike will vary on battery size but on average a 500Wh battery should achieve at least 30-40km per charge.

Do you need to get an ebike serviced?

If you want your ebike to last and to avoid a premature life you must get your ebike serviced regularly just like you would your car. There are plenty of helpful videos to assist in basic maintenance but it is well worth getting acquainted with your like ebike store for expert maintenance repairs and servicing.

Is an ebike cheating?

It can feel easier at times riding an ebike but it certainly isn’t cheating. The key difference is that ebike riders tend to travel further and more regularly than conventional bike riders. Why? Cause riding an ebike is whole lot of fun, and at the end of the day that’s what really matters, having fun!

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