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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy 

E-mobility, Environment, Sustainable futures

Ezriderz mission is to provide the most ethical products possible, researched and dedicated to our main priority, a sustainable future. Our products have been devised, developed and created with this as the core value.  We strive on providing Ezriderz key objectives to always protect the environment and provide others with the tools and products to do the same. 

We work tirelessly to integrate economic, environmental and social considerations in all of our decision-making processes. Whilst we may not be able to do everything today we are working towards providing the most sustainable products and services that eliminate fossil fuels, mitigate the development of them in our products and offset any products that don’t stand up to our mission.


  • Precautionary Principle: If there is a threat to the living environment of people or the planet, or we are unsure if there will be, we will work to reduce the chance of serious implications through thorough investigation and consultation with the appropriate and respective parties. 
  • Intergenerational equity: Ezriderz works to always ensure that the health, diversity and productivity in our present generation do no harm to future generations and in fact benefits and serves future generations.
  • Conservation of biological diversity and ecological integrity: Ezriderz is invested in the redesign of the harmful effects of climate change and pollution.  Through our e-mobility solutions, apparel products and tour products that promote wellbeing, we offer alternatives for the conservation of our forests, animals and natural environment, carbon sequestration, and offer a solution that is ecologically strong and enhances the biodiversity of a region.
  • Improved valuation and pricing of environmental resources: Assess and value all our acquisitions and infrastructure costs concerning the environmental costs and benefits.  Utilise this information whenever we make decisions within our business or assist those we do business with. 

Through the implementation of this Environmental Policy Ezriderz is committed to always ensuring that our products, materials, communications and conduct are as pure as nature intended.  We understand that individually we are a part of nature and that our own personal health affects the health of the planet and vica versa, therefore we will always:

  • Be up to date on green fiscal policies to benefit our practice.
  • Minimise our carbon footprint. 
  • Work tirelessly to eliminate toxic materials and offset them by providing and working towards suitable solutions.
  • Invest in local and global communities to implement our solutions.
  • Always recommend an ethical supply of water, energy and labour and vet suppliers to ensure that this is always upheld.
  • Promote the reuse of our materials in their existing supply chains. 

In all of Ezriderz operations, we are committed to fulfilling our environmental and corporate responsibility charters.  Our objective is to create a sustainable business that is good for us but also good for the planet and future generations.  These objectives and commitments are backed internally by audits and performance indicators that are consistently addressed and improved by our management and suppliers.

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