Use the buttons above to choose your motor size, shock absorbers and colour. Not all combinations may be available and images will represent the colours accurately but not all the configurations.

These are our newest range of urban beach fun e-bikes. Can come with fat tyre front on 20"rim or 2.5"tyre on 20"rim. They are fun to take a friend on the back with (2 seats!) and tough enough for any adventure.

These e-bikes are available in

250w 36v - all colours

       - no suspension or front suspension

500w 48v - all colours (offroad only)

      - no suspension or front suspension

750w 48v - Pewter black (offroad only)

       - front suspension

       - 17.5ah Lithium battery

dual motor 1000w - pewter black (offroad only)

       - front and rear suspension

       - Hydraulic brakes

       - 17.5ah Lithium battery

All have techtro disk brakes except 1000w model

Shimano 7 gears

14aH batteries for added range over 40kms - Except 750w and 1000w models which have 17.5ah

Super powerful LED front and rear lights

Removable lockable battery for charging inside and security

Passenger footpegs and throttles (for offroad only)