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Custom Dreams

Custom Dreams

Imagine yourself as a 4 y.o. You’ve been given your first bike, and not only are you able to ride it, but for the first time in your life you experience true freedom, on the seat of a chopper.  Miles Jackson is that kid.  Given his first bike at 4, Miles has been on a journey of love, restoration and customisation of bikes ever since.  

Growing up, Miles took up mountain biking, downhill racing, all with the thrill of going fast, pushing the edge and riding on his own track.  When we met Miles, he bought his first EzRiderz, a Z bike.  It was cool but wasn’t everything that he wanted.  With his creative soul and energetic spirit, Miles saw the opportunity to make his Z bike unique, one of a kind, and it inspired him to start working with EzRiderz to be our customisation expert.

Miles took his Z bike from off the show room floor bike to the next level, called A Clockwork Orange. This bike has been customised from the inspiration he has drawn from his favourite motorbikes, the Indian and the GSXR 1100.  Both bikes have the power to bring new experiences into your life, with the excellence of bike building at the very core of what they do.  It's the combination of both of these iconic bikes, and his love for cycling, that created the Z bike transformation.  A true expression of the freedom he felt as a 4 yo combined with skill, inspiration and a love for bikes.

Miles Jackson's First Custom E-Bike

His first ‘real whack’ customisation, Miles took an old chopper bicycle, a rowing machine and reshaped them together, put a tiny wheel on the front, and raised the handlebars.  This bike is an art piece.

The Tripcycle - Custom electric choppers

From this humble adaptation of the Tripcycle to the birth of A Clockwork Orange.  This is EzRiderz Z Bike taken to the next level.

“I took the Z bike and I changed the suspension in the rear, put in seat suspension as I am big guy and need the break on my balls, shocks, mini solar power for my sound system, (Gold Wing Harley), LED lights under the front bar, decals, badges welded onto the frame.  The beauty of customising your own bike is that it is unique to you. Just start with an idea, no idea is too big and source the parts, make it exactly the way you want it”. Miles Jackson

Were you that young kid? Remember how good it was to make your bike yours.  From unique bells, streamers coming from the handlebars, white walled tyres, your customisation dreams are waiting for you. 

EzRiderz and Miles Jackson have teamed up to assist you on your customisation journey.  

Check in with us if you are keen to take your childhood dream into a collector's item.  

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Custom orange ebike
Macka - Bliss’n’Eso

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