Macka - Bliss’n’Eso

On an average day you will see Max MacKinnon aka Macka, or Eso from Bliss N Eso cruising around the Northern Rivers NSW on his Sledz.  I have literally seen Eso riding his kid to school, doing the shopping at the supermarket, riding to the beach and literally doing everything on his Ezriderz Sledz.

So it was only fitting that Eso and I caught up for a little chit-chat, I wanted to know what he loved about his bike, and what does he listen to whilst he is riding around.

When did you get your first bike?

I was 7, I had watched BMX bandits and thought they were really cool, the bandits and the bikes, I had to have one. 

When did you get your Sledz?

Just recently in the last year.  I know it sounds cliché but it has truly changed how I get around.  I have never had a licence, lol, and I was looking for an easier way to get around, boom!! Ezriderz.  I take my sledz everywhere, I drop my son/daughter off to school, sneaky bush trails are epic, adventures I would have never been able to go on, even doing the boring shopping chores, on my sledz it is fun.  

I’ve called my bike “The Black Panther”.  There is nothing quite like taking it down to the beach and riding, it is me, nature and freedom, the serenity is unmatched.

Eso's electric bike black

Have you done any epic rides?

Normally I would think I’ve going on long rides, you know ones that go outside of the neighbourhood, but my sled allows me to travel loads of kms.  I’ve taken beautiful rides through the countryside and from town to town stop ins ! It allows me to go everywhere!!  

What is the soundtrack you have playing when riding your Sledz?

For me the ultimate cruise song is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, if not that Slip into Something More Comfortable by Kinobe.  

Any last words Macca?

My sled has become my best friend, anywhere I go it goes. By far, one of the best toys I have ever purchased in my life!! If you want to let your hair down and feel the sweet breeze then Ez Riderz is for you.

Bliss n Eso are kicking off their mammoth Australian tour ‘The Sun’ starting at The Beach Hotel in Byron Bay on the 20 January 2022.  Check out their new album, The Sun and get your ticket, and if you see Macca out on his Sledz, give him a wave, he is one of the coolest peeps ever!

The Sledz 250 watt ebike

Photos by: Tani Vollmer
Point Guard | Skyline Productions