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Sledz ebike fleet

Fleeting Glimpses of Sustainability

Top Reasons Why EBike Fleets are the Way to go!


There are many reasons why e bikes are a good choice, but none more compelling than getting your team, staff and employees running around on an ebike.  

Imagine this, you work in the city, your assistants need to run and do errands, but it always takes longer than expected.  If it requires more than a quick walk, your staff having to drive, or logistically moving things from one office to another, or one restaurant to another, and ebike could be the answer you are looking for.

Here are our top reasons why ebikes rock for your employees.


Ebike Fleet


Top 3 reasons your business should invest in an Ebike fleet for your employees

There are three main reasons that your company should invest in an Ebike fleet. 

  1. The cost is lower than a traditional vehicle fleet. 

  2. They're easier to maintain and repair. 

  3. They're more fun to ride, and you don’t need to be stuck in traffic!

There are loads more benefits for your staff on top of this, how about bringing the ‘fun’ factor into your workflow, or the health benefits for you and the team just by proxy of riding on a bike to do things, they don’t take up as much space as a car, it will boost morale, make you look like the coolest boss in town and shows you are committed about becoming green in your business, not to mention you could use it as your own carbon offset, worth thinking about. 

Sure, Ebike fleets can be a big outlay in the beginning but pretty soon the cost is offset through lower maintenance and repairs, staff retention and health benefits, lower business fleet costs and more.

Two businesses showing the way forward are Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane and Arnhem Clothing, Byron Bay.  They have both chosen EzRiderz Sledz to get their teams from A-B, to use them as a shared resource, further installing the goals of being sustainable.  Both businesses use the ebikes to ferry around goods during the day, opting out of jumping in the car to run the errand.  Arnhem shares the bike amongst the team to eliminate the use of driving to and from work.  It is a win-win for both businesses, and shows great commitment to being  sustainable.  

If you see the teams at Howard Smith Wharves or Arnhem cruising around on their ebikes, give them a hi 5, ask them for a quick ride, try out our ebikes, fuel your desire to go electric. 

Making cleaner choices to your transport not only feels good but is better for you and the environment, but you look really cool too.

Find out your carbon footprint by taking this test:

Are you keen to build your own ebike fleet?  Get in touch.

Time to get to work!!!
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