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What Makes us Tick!!!

Early Beginnings

Back in 2010 the founder of Ezriderz & Sunshine Cycles, Luke Young, was working in one of Australia’s most toxic industries, mining. 

There was a sense of not being fulfilled, it was a real and present issue for him. 

Although the money was great, the desire to do things for the planet was greater.  As an adventure man, diving, mountain biking, surfing, and general lover of life, Luke embarked on a journey of discovery into creating a sustainable business, bringing together his passions for fun and adventure and his core values of creating something for the community and the wider health of the planet.

Sunshine Cycles was born.  The world's first solar-powered ebike rental pod, and the birth of Ezriderz was not far off.

The scene

Hot summer days, Byron Bay, 2016, the traffic is bustling, there are no car parks, beautiful people are strolling and checking out the cafés and restaurants, backpackers and holidaymakers are enjoying themselves, people sunning on the beach, but really it is simply chaos.  A beautiful one, but still chaos.

I’m not sure if you have been to Byron Bay, but I am sure you have heard of it.  A town that has at its heart the true elements of fun, free-loving hippies blended with surfers, influencers, big brands, beautiful restaurants, and traditional owners of our beautiful land protecting some of the world's most beautiful beaches and keeping the spirit of nature alive.  There it was, the lightbulb moment.  


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Driving around in this madness like everyone else, looking for a park to meet up with friends at the beach and catch some waves, Luke has his epiphany.  There are no car parks, ebikes are fun, I can carry my board to the beach on my bike, and IF they were to run on solar power that would a fully sustainable business.....enter Sunshine Cycles.  

Built on a vision of bringing the community together, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and contributing to the electric vehicle movement, Sunshine Cycles is eliminating the toxic fumes in paradise, and beyond, but it wasn't enough.  The customers were coming to paradise, hiring these super cool bikes, and they wanted one of their own, back home....... enter Ezriderz.

Ezriderz has the DNA of Sunshine Cycles.

We promote fun times, sustainability and the future all rolled into one fat wheeled bike.  The bikes not only make it easy to get around but also feel super cool, retro and bring technology and green power together.  Whilst sustainability and the environment are at our core values, we realise we can always strive to do better, we are working towards being a negative carbon company, that is not our only goal, but it is one of our driving goals.

Next time you are in Byron, be sure to look us up, call us, check out our fleet at Sunshine Cycles and go for a ride!!


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Time to get to work!!!

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